Success Stories


Atcha Sirina, 16

We removed Atcha from her village at ten. Her mother was not well mentally, and her father lived in another far village. We had a conversation with the family about bringing her to the city. She lived in a community that did not believe in education for women. We wanted to give her a chance for success. She is 16, and is supposed to be out of college (5th-9th grade) at this age. But due to entering school late she 5 years behind. The headmaster of the school advised our family to remove her and have her begin work in jobs such as a teller or hair dresser. At KFC we believe education is the key to a successful future. She is a good student and we will support her education until she finishes college; and then continues three years in Lycée (10th-12th grade) before attending University.



Amouzo Kossi germain, 8

Amouzo's  mom died when he three years old, and his father fled to Nigeria after. Its common for fathers to flee villages and leave their children when their mothers die. The grandmother took the them in, but she did not have money to provide schooling. With his grandmothers permission we found him a home with a family that could provide and care for him. Children are supposed to start school at four. He did not have a birth certificate, and you can not attend school without one. We we were able to get him in classes under the name of our NGO while we began the process to acquire the birth certificate. Unfortunately the court process is long, and he did not get one in time for the exams that year. But thankfully we were able to get it for the next school year, and he passed class two and is on to class three!