Our Mission

KFC strives for everyone in Atakpamé and the surrounding villages in the region to have a source for food, water, education, and equality amongst our people. Through community outreach and volunteers help we are making this happen.


KFC Humanitaire is an organization comprised of volunteers by the community, for the community in Atakpamé, Togo

“I started KFC after an injury playing football that ended my career and the possibility to play professionally. Through my own experiences I was able to see the positive impact soccer can have on ones life, providing structure, hope, motivation, and community. After spending a couple years in Benin I returned home to Atakpamé with a drive to make a difference. There are many problems that need to be addressed in our community. I wanted to use my and many others, passion of football to make a difference”
— Mohammed Keameko, Founder


Who we have helped so far...

12 villages

673 children in school